Actually, I’m 34, but don’t tell anyone.

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When it comes to basic life knowledge I’ve been what you can call a slow learner. Naturally self-absorbed and even narcissistic at times, I haven’t made the best student.

Still, there is hope for me yet as I continue to grow and improve, here, in no particular order are 5 things I wish I had learned before I hit the not-so-big 3-O.

Saying yes and agreeing with everyone in my life got me in some questionable situations when I was in my twenties. I ended up drinking too much, hanging around the wrong types of people, and lost sight of…

A simple daily exercise to sort out your thoughts and improve your writing

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Every day for at least 10 minutes, I hop on my laptop and start smashing the keys. No stopping, outlining or organizing, and the spelling and grammar mistakes don’t matter. I write anything that comes to mind without putting much thought into what I type.

Just go with it.

Sometimes, this is the only type of writing I get done and it’s just as important as what gets outlined and submitted.

Freewriting is a simple but effective brainstorming technique used by writers and non-writers alike. All you do is write whatever comes to mind continuously, without stopping.

And how you can read more and deeper from your own words

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When I first came across reading journals, I thought they were another time waster. Something aesthetically pleasing for a Pinterest board or done by those Study With Me YouTubers. The ones with perfect white desks, washi-taped notebooks, and every colored pen you could imagine.

Those are pleasing to look at but I’ve never been able to replicate that kind of pristine and organized lifestyle. Still, the concept of journaling has always interested me and I love to read.

On a whim, I decided to give it a try after finishing my first book of 2021. Almost 30 books later and…

It does happen sometimes but don’t knock the source material

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Usually, you hear people say “The book was better”, and most of the time they’re right. But occasionally, you’ll come across a book that was either improved upon or just straight up bettered by their movie counterpart.

Disclaimer: Books are subjective and these are my personal opinions based on the books I’ve actually read against the movies I’ve actually seen. We are bound to disagree but it’s still fun to see who makes it on the list. Also, I recommend reading each of these books if you haven’t already and form your own opinion.

The movie is considered a classic…

Lazy, desperate people are gullible and I was one of them

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I say lazy because I wasn’t willing to put hard work into where it mattered. Instead, I concentrated my efforts on stupid myths and shortcuts. But guess what?

There are no shortcuts to living a healthy lifestyle.

Most of these I followed when I was young, impressionable, and kind of dumb. I was looking for a quick and easy fix to what would become a lifelong journey. Some of these were encouraged by well-meaning friends, societal pressures, my own vanity, and plain ignorance.

Disclaimer: If you’re looking to lose weight and be healthy consult with a licensed professional, which I…

Even non-horror fans are aware of the classics but here’s a fresher look at the genre

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Everyone recommends the classics: Dracula, The Haunting of Hill House, The Exorcist, The Shining, Ghost Story, Frankenstein, anything by Poe, etc.

And I agree, these are good books in their own right and some defined the genre but they may not work for all modern audiences. Some of these were written hundreds of years ago and yes, they still hold up today but aren’t exactly easy to read.

A few months ago I read Misery by Stephen King. It’s only the 2nd book of his I’ve read (yes, a horror fan who isn’t obsessed with King, we do exist) and…

For fiction and non-fiction writers

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The horror genre as a whole tends to get a bad rep amongst general readers. It isn’t for everyone but all writers, both fiction and non-fiction, could benefit from reading it every now and then. But of course, you have to be open-minded. Exploring the darker side of literature will open ideas and themes you may not have considered before, which will inspire your own writing.

Most writers are also prolific readers, as they should be. Reading for writers is all a part of the workout. To improve you have to study others who are better and sometimes worse than…

A satirical job post

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Are you a writer looking for steady pay even though that pay is cheap AF? Can you write a perfect, concise, well-researched 3,000 word article on any topic in an hour? Are you desperate for a writing job and will basically take anything at this point to prevent from starving to death?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we are the company for you!

Here at The Vaguely Named Content Mill, we aim to hire expert writers with little to no experience and make sure they get paid! …

Making your bed every morning isn’t one of them.

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Businesses hark on productivity all the time. They are always looking for ways to get the most done in the shortest amount of time to make or save money.

But you are a person, not a business. Sure, you may run one or work for one, but there’s more to you than work and money. Still, you want to improve, you want to be better, to get more out of life, and not feel like you’re draining every last bit of your soul to do it.

There are tons of tips and tricks for being more productive. From making your…

When I first started writing online I struggled a lot with hitting the publish button. I wrote a ton of articles or started to write them but then stopped and never published them. Why? Because I was using my real name and for some reason, that didn’t sit right with me.

The first article I ever wrote got curated but instead of being happy I felt anxious and had a knot in my chest. What if someone I knew read it? No one in my personal life knows about my writing ambitions and I don’t want them to know. …

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